Hospitality Solutions

We thank you for your interest in our Property Technology Solutions. Hotel KomPlit is a range of technology solutions which aims to be a One-stop-Shop for Property/Resort/Hotel/Restaurant/Bar/Supermarkets/Gift shops/Fast Foods/Minimarts owners or intending owners. It’s a holistic solution which factor in design, modern choice of equipments, planning, cost effectiveness, management, seamless integration, expansion and experience. The following Technologies are in the package:

  1. Electronic Hotel Door Lock Systems
  2. Enterprise Wi-Fi with Billing and Bandwidth Management
  3. Security Surveillance Systems(C.C.T.V/IP)
  4. Burglary Security Systems
  5. Property Management Software
  6. Point of Sale System
  7. Fire Detection and Prevention Systems
  8. Voice(intercom) and Data Network 
  9. Enterprise Web Development
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